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Venezuelan Film Festival will be hybrid

From July 17 to 21, it will offer workshops and a fixed photo prize

Back in his native Mérida, the XVIII edition of the Venezuelan Film Festival will be held from July 17 to 21 in blended mode, with a premiere award and training activities.

"We are going to maintain virtuality because it is an achievement and a success," said the director of the Festival, Karina Gómez Franco, during a press conference in which she pointed out that in Mérida they will be in various rooms and auditoriums, including the spaces of the University of the Andes.

He added that the film meeting will deliver an award for the first time in the still photo category and explained that it will honor, on this occasion, the Gran Cine Circuit on its 25th anniversary, the forerunner of national cinema Edgar Anzola, the late filmmaker Luis Correa and the director of cinema from Barquisimeto, Thaelman Urguelles.

Franco indicated that there will be 15 feature-length fiction, 10 feature-length documentaries and 30 short films from the Cine Átomo Marathon in competition, in addition to student shows from more than 25 universities and a series of workshops that are part of the Pensamiento Visual project, to which that interested parties can register through the website www.festivaldelcinevenezolano.com.

¨The number of students who attend each year is greater and that is why we promised to include training in this edition of the meeting. The cinema, in terms of technology, is constantly changing and renewing itself and we cannot be left behind,” he said.

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