Venezuela will be on September 11 at the Sweden Poetry Festival 2021

The Chancellery of the Republic, through its official account of the social network twitter @ CancilleríaVE, reported that Venezuela will be present at the 2021 Sweden Poetry Festival, an event that will be held on September 11.

In the publication of the aforementioned social network, it was written: "Venezuela will be present at the prestigious Swedish Poetry Festival 2021, which will take place this # 11Sep with the representation of the Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Valero."

It should be noted that at the end of 2020, the Sucre room of the headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry was the scene for the christening of the work The being that we carry inside the Ambassador of Venezuela to the UN Human Rights Council, Jorge Valero; who, together with the President of the National House of Letters Andrés Bello, William Osuna, presented this new title from Monte Ávila Editores Latinoamericana.

Exactly, on December 10 of that year he took the opportunity to reflect on poetry and the poetic profession, where it was emphasized that "beauty is not a principle of poetry as is commonly thought ... the poem is closely related to the emotions of the reader who finally makes the text something of his own in his reading ».


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