Regional Dance Festival A todo ritmo

Different genres will converge

The Amanda Muñoz de Urriola Fine Arts Center, from the Portuguesa state, will be the setting for the first edition of the Contemporary Dance Festival of the city of Guanare, A todo ritmo.

Tomorrow and Saturday, November 27, the meeting will be held, which will include the proposals of the invited groups, thanks to the initiative of Punto Danza, a pioneering company in the teaching of this art in the region.

Thus, on the first day, the show will be made up of proposals from seven groups from Guanajuato that will show off their talent in contemporary and neoclassical jazz genres. The second day will be competitive and will refer to the now literary and film classic The Winning House of Harry Potter. In this way, the contestants will present performances inspired by the fourth houses of the well-known fictional Hogwarts wizarding school.

The Amanda Muñoz de Urriola Fine Arts Center will serve as the stage for the event that aims to publicize the different dance genres and groups of the city of Guanare, repeat this appointment every year, maintain an active regional cultural environment and give to meet new Venezuelan talents.



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