They will do a Culture Festival with 22 parishes in Caracas

Daniela Fernández, Jpsuv Commissioner for Culture spoke about the planned projects

Talents and community artists of any age and from any branch of art and culture, belonging to the 22 parishes of the capital, may be part of the I Festival of Culture of the Jpsuv, which the Youth of the party plans to carry out soon.

This was stated by Daniela Fernández, Commissioner for Culture of the Jpsuv, who specified that it will be a freestyle or freestyle festival that seeks to show the hidden talent in the streets of Caracas, “with the purpose of reaching the last corners because from there they have arisen and we can meet great new stars of basketball, singing, who emerged from those little-visited spaces ".

She said that “they are boys who study but who are not dedicated to the professionalization of the trade and who learned to sing in a pandemic because they liked it. They are very good and that self-training quality is what we want to show, ”he expressed in an interview with Misión Cultura.

The talents, which will be located by parishes, will unite in this cultural meeting in which they can then be part of a mixed arts group. The idea is to give continuity to their training and the creation of links in various areas of culture and the arts in all its aspects.



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