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They declare the May Cross of El Bambú as Cultural Heritage of Miranda

The Velorio of the May Cross of the El Bambú community, in Mamporal, Buroz municipality reached 100 years of tradition and the festival was declared this Friday as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the region and the town.

In this way, the devotion and collective effort made by the cultists and the community in general for more than a century is recognized, for the preservation of this religious and cultural heritage of the entity, explained the Secretary of Heritage of the Miranda state, Mariam Martínez. , says a press release from the Miranda Government.

At the event, the Municipal Chamber presented the Francisco Mujica Toro order to the inhabitants of El Bambú for the care of the religious and cultural events around the May Cross for more than a century.

For his part, the mayor of the municipality, Johan Castro, announced that by municipal decree, El Bambú will become the ceremonial capital of the municipality during the Madero Santo holiday weekend, thus recognizing the community's dedication to keeping alive the flame of this tradition.

“I have the honor of naming the men and women cultists, guardians of this tradition, as living treasures of the municipal intangible heritage,” he said.
Castro who emphasized the holding of this event as part of the Great Mission Viva Venezuela Mi Patria Querida, created by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to honor the traditions and culture of the country.

The state Cultural Heritage and Diversity Network, the Guatire Artistic Education Center, the Legislative Council, representatives of cultural and artistic groups, as well as children and educators from Palma Sola and the Juana Guillén school, among others, participated in the event. artistic and cultural representations.

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