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They celebrate cultural diversity at Filven Miranda 2024

The expo had musical and children's activities and more than 45 exhibitors

The Miranda 2024 International Book Fair, which took place in Plaza Francisco de Miranda in Los Dos Caminos, Sucre municipality, allowed young people and adults to reconnect with literature through the rapprochement between the reader and the writer, stated the vice minister for the Promotion of the Cultural Economy, Raúl Cazal.

“At Filven Miranda 2024 we have a wide variety of programming that allows us to value reading in different ways and together with the booksellers, editors and writers who come to present their books, young people and adults can have conversations that allow them to have a conversation about their literature, about why they write and having a book signed, that motivates and inspires,” he said.

Cazal pointed out that this fair allows the meeting of cultures, which exposes visitors to the variety of drums, music, theater, among other expressions that enrich the soul.

For his part, Jesús Chucho García, writer honored in the 19th edition of this literary meeting, thanked him for the recognition of his literary career, according to a press release.

“This international book fair held in Miranda reflects a very deep feeling from those of us who have fought for a long time for our cultural identity, our sovereignty, our fight against imperialism. This tribute recognizes the work that I have done for 40 years, where I have published 26 books,” he expressed.

For her part, the poet, writer and playwright, Kristel Guirado, also honored in this edition, emphasized the multiplication of these spaces for encounters with words, knowledge and Venezuelan cultural production.

Exhibition of novelties, book exchange, literary loans, presentations, conversations, musical and children's activities and more than 45 exhibitors are part of the activities offered by the Filven Miranda 2024 spaces.

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