They carry out cultural activities according to the Community Vacation Plan

The boys and girls planted trees and watched as pigs were raised

The minister of popular power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, was present in the Northern Socialist Commune in the Altagracia parish in Caracas, with dozens of boys and girls who are part of the Community Vacation Plan that is developed in that sector of the capital.

The head of the cultural portfolio congratulated all those present for the various activities that took place during his presence and that were observed by all the people who attended the event, including various artistic expressions of the Culture Mission.

The boys and girls also planted trees and observed how pigs that are going to be the hams are raised in Caracas homes in the coming December festivities, according to a press release from the Ministry of Culture.

Villegas congratulated the representatives of the cultural branch of Chamba Juvenil called Chambearte, especially the 15-year-old rapper Nethaniel Machado.

He took the opportunity to recommend that youth avoid listening to or singing reggaeton lyrics that denigrate women.



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