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Skena celebrates 45 years with a family show

The theater group premiered "Little Red Riding Hood, what was never told"

The Skena Theater Group celebrates its 45 years with a family piece titled “Little Red Riding Hood, what was never told.” This modern story full of love and music is an original work by Argentine author Claudio Hochman, directed by Angélica Arteaga.

The story proposes, in a fun way, important values ​​of current life in a comedic tone. Full of witty entanglements, nothing is as it should be and no one knows how this adventure and song game will end.

The cast of the show has actors such as Ivanna Cordido as Little Red Riding Hood, Nerea Fernández as the mother and grandmother, Henry Soto as the hunter father and Djamil Jassir as “a wolf that is not so fierce.” The executive production was in the hands of actor Basilio Álvarez.

Four and a half decades

“Little Red Riding Hood, what was never told”, will run for six weeks at the Trasnocho Theater until Sunday, June 16.

“There have been 45 years of dedication, training, meaning and creation for hundreds of young people who have been part of the group. Also for dozens of professionals who have contributed with their knowledge and experience to keeping her alive,” Álvarez told Últimas Noticias referring to Skena. “We maintain the need to preserve a privileged place where many people have found their artistic sense, and then each one continues on his or her own path.”

The actor, who is remembered for playing Phillipe in the soap opera “La Vida Entire” has to his credit more than 40 theatrical productions, directed both with his group “Skena” and with other prestigious groups.

Continue the legacy

At just 15 years old, Basilio Álvarez was already part of the Skena theater group. “A few years later they took other paths and proposed to me and Juan Carlos Ogando that we continue with the work of the group,” he recalls.

“Theatre has a very great strength and formative power in the personality, mystique and creativity of adolescents.” Álvarez took this into account when preparing the curriculum, understanding theater as an educational tool. “Within a few years the group was already developing this method in various training institutions and presenting itself at a professional level,” he said.

Regarding the decision to celebrate with a family show, he assured that with “Little Red Riding Hood what was not told” they see how the children are happy and have fun for an hour. “Without any device or device or anything and they will be the future spectators.”

For the producer, director and actor, the spectator attends the theater to see himself reflected in a mirror. “To then think about yourself and what surrounds you or… laugh at yourself and what surrounds you. The historical legacy of theater will always be its ephemeral meaning, what you will see and feel in this moment will be unrepeatable, it happens in front of you and next to you, it lasts only a moment. Tomorrow it will be repeated again but it will not be the same.”

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