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Sanjuaneros de Guárico celebrate Unesco declaration

The Guárico state brotherhood of sanjuaneros and sanjuaneras, organizes for next Saturday, January 15, the celebration of the declaration, by Unesco, of the Festive Cycle of San Juan Bautista, a fact that occurred on December 14.

The XXIV edition of the Baptism of the Son of God made by San Juan Bautista, will be held jointly with the San Juanote Foundation and the sponsorship of the Mission Culture - Guárico, according to information published on the institution's social network Twitter.

The event will be held in the El Castrero River and the use of a mask and social distancing will be essential, as biosecurity measures against covid 19.

About tradition

The procession will depart from the home of the Almeida family, who have guarded the image of the Saint since December, and will be led by the cultist Jesús Hernández Coronel to the river where the act will be held.

Once there, a mass will be officiated by the parish priest Richard Ydrogo and during the liturgy the sacrament of baptism will be celebrated for girls, boys and adults who request it.

The staging will be in charge of the actors of the brotherhood who will interpret various characters: Herod - Yonni Torrealba, Juan el Bautista - Guy Alex, Jesús - Asdrúbal Quero, Discípulos de Juan - Jorge Ferrer, Yonni Ferrer, Almeida Family, and some members of brotherhoods and devotees present public.

At the end of the celebration, the food of San Juan Bautista (wild honey) is blessed and those present are given to taste.

The drums, songs and sirens of the brotherhoods enliven the act from beginning to end.