San Agustín is pure color, art and guaguancó

San Agustín del Sur is a parish full of joy and guaguancó, and for years it has been put to more value with the rescue of public spaces, the reactivation of the Alameda Theater, music, dance and theater festivals, in addition to the famous tour that shows the kindness of its people.

Reinaldo Mijares, director of the 100% San Agustín Foundation, talks about the achievements in the parish and the projects.

"How many tourists have visited the parish?"

—We did a couple of tests in 2016 and since 2017 we haven't stopped. Some six thousand people have done the Cumbe Tours. They have come from all over the country and we have also been visited by tourists from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and China. Some 50 international observers attended the elections, as well as journalists and correspondents from RT, EFE, AP and Xinhua.

—What will the Guaguancó de Sabores Art and Gastronomy Fair be like?

—It was born as a productive axis of the urban revitalization program "Guaguancó de Colores" carried out in the spaces of the Plazoleta de Marín by the Mayor's Office of Caracas and the 100% San Agustín Foundation during the 1st semester. The idea is that entrepreneurs can offer their food, Venezuelan confectionery, handicrafts, jewelry and art. From September 17 to 19, the fair will focus on cocoa and chocolate, Afro-Venezuelan percussion and Afro hairstyles from an insurgent aesthetic. We will have concerts, percussion shows, chocolate, rum and cocuy tastings, talks and workshops on afro hairstyles.

—What will Festival La Movida be like?

- "Dance is on the Street" The Movida de San Agustín will hold its sixth edition from October 13 to 16 with two performances at the Alameda Theater, a contemporary dance performance in open spaces in the neighborhood and the presentation of more than 30 groups in the recovered spaces and in the Plazoleta. We will also hold the Meeting of Artists Managers of Caracas, a space for reflection-action via digital with creators and creators from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

—There is also the Cumbe San Agustín Festival ...

—This second edition, from October 27 to 30, will pay tribute to the teacher “Totoño” Blanco for his immense and commendable training work given to children and young artists.

-What comes next?

—We are in the creation and production of “A Christmas Story” in the style and forms of the neighborhood, which will have more than 280 boys, girls and young people trained in the 100% San Agustín Workshop-School, with the special participation of the School by Ballet Teresa Carreño-Alameda. It will be a Christmas play with traditional dance, folk dance, rhythmic gymnastics, theater, percussion, four, guitar, song, flute, tenths and poetry.

Reinaldo Mijares, director of the 100% San Agustín Foundation, talks about the achievements in the parish and the projects.



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