Petare also has artists that represents it

Deputy Gabriela Chacón shared with the artists about concerns.

“Petare is tourist because Petare is ours. Proof of this is this beautiful exhibition in which artists from the area show their pieces in the Bárbaro Rivas Popular Art Museum, located in our historic center, ”said deputy Gabriela Chacón, representing the Sucre municipality's Mayor's Office.

This local talent is shown this time by Guillermo Bello, David Petit, José Luis “Hochy” Blanco, Carlos Cedeño, Daniel García Volcán, Amarilis Hannot, Arnaldo Herrera, Armando Linares, Pedro Miguel López “Pemilo”, Henri Matos, Fran Morales, Aura Moreno “Mayela”, Ismer Mota, Héctor Ordaz, Pedro Perera, José “Cheo” Pérez, Armando Rodríguez, César Rodríguez, Jorge Romero, Carlos Urbina, Juan Urbina, Freddy Vera and Miguel von Dangel, who will have their works in the galleries of this museum until November. They are part of the exhibition Expressions of dialogue. 23 artists from Peta.

In a tour of the rooms you can see sculptures on various supports, oil paintings, statues with waste materials such as shoes with ceramics by Amarilis Hannot in De vorra a vorra; the polymer sculpture Gestation by Arnaldo Herrera; and the bronzes of "Hochy" Blanco, to name a few of the works.

Carmen Sofía Leoni, in charge of the José Ángel Lamas Foundation, recalled that this museum opened in 1984 and that what was done was a remodeling, not a restoration: “There were many things that were changed. The result was wonderful and I am proud to work here for so many years. So far there have been 227 exhibitions in its history. The institution has had ups and downs, but allies and friends are always found ”.

David Petit, Ismer Mota, “Cheo” Pérez Valera and Guillermo Bello, among other artists, agreed that it is important that this museum is always open showing the local talent, Miranda and the country.

Those who wish to attend the exhibition will be able to do so for free in the flexibilization weeks from 11 in the morning, always taking biosecurity measures into account.

It is located in the historic center of Petare, between the Guanche and Lino de Clemente streets, on the southern part of the Petare church.



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