Little finger book will be presented with virtual sample

The curators of Héctor Poleo

The artist Luis Romero will present the art book Meñique, in an online exhibition that can be seen through the social networks of the Abra gallery, starting on Sunday, February 21.

The editorial project will have an extension of 10 numbers that will be published in the future, it is outlined in a press release.

The work seeks to emulate the work carried out between 1999 and 2010, in the Pulgar magazine, which served as an exhibition room for immediate consumption, free and transportable, printed in industrial lithography, in a single ink.

This time, Meñique offers the development of a curatorial idea through the serigraphic reproduction of works of art belonging to creators of different generations and styles, now in an artisan product, handmade, with a reduced print run.

The first issue, exhibited on the facebook page, abracaracas, includes works by Armando Rosales, Iván Candeo, Héctor Poleo, Rosario Lezama, Jaime Gili, Roberto Obregón, Armando Reverón, Juan Loyola, Juan José Olavarría, Carlos Zerpa, José Antonio Hernández -Diez, Javier Téllez, Teresa Mulet and Nayarí Castillo.

It is accompanied by a text by the curator and journalist Jesús Torrivilla.



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