Maracaibo's First Book Fair had a massive participation

The first Book Fair held in Maracaibo from October 28 to 31 in the spaces of the Curva de Molina to the west of the city, became a meeting of ideas to rescue the historical heritage of the city, disseminate and debate currents of thought and bring the people closer to reading, workshops and book presentations. 

The honoree Berta Vega, a poet, said that "with a book you are never alone, with it you can dream, get excited, get angry and see places," said Vega, who described the energy of the visitors to the event as wonderful.

She indicated that she sees people looking for a book or browsing them fills her with joy, since providing access to books is essential.

He also stressed the significance of this first fair taking place in the west of Maracaibo, in the Curva de Molina. "It is very important to build and transform forgotten spaces, to promote culture, humanity, solidarity, beauty and truth." 

For his part, Willy Casanova, mayor of Maracaibo together with the general director of social development, Selene Estrach; Alfredo Balza and José Javier León presented the book «2 Siglos de Poesía Zuliana», the fruit of the extensive work of the late poet and researcher Camilo Balza Donatti, also a narrator, lawyer, journalist and educator.

Casanova recalled that “a people is its history and what its culture and identity expresses”, for which he described as vital the task of preserving and exalting culture as well as faith, indigenous tradition and architectural and intangible heritage, through of the provision of quality and content of the public space.

He announced that in his next government plan he contemplates the creation of a library in each Maracaibera parish, in order to promote reading and the encounter with the physical book.

Selene Estrach, director of social development, stated that "the book Two Centuries of Zulian Poetry must be in all the nation's libraries as a mandatory space for consultation."

Estrach praised the work done by Camilo Balza Donatti, who for more than 50 years compiling those poems. He added that it is an honor and a milestone that this gift is presented at the First Maracaibo Book Fair, as well as continuing to prioritize culture.

José Javier León, who served as editor, explained that it is an anthology of poetry fed from the 18th century to 2020. He thanked the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of Maracaibo for promoting the printing of 3 volumes in 2 volumes, 6 books of more than 500 pages each totally dedicated to Zulian poetry.

The musician, educator and chronicler from Maracaibo, Jesús Morillo, who gave the lecture "Let's talk about Gaita Zuliana", mentioned that he was surprised because, despite the circumstances, he sees Maracaibo interested in books, reviewing, buying and participating in the activities.

Morillo expressed that "this re-launch of culture is necessary through the recovery of physical spaces that spiritually elevate the human being and invite him to go out and share, we are going towards a more prosperous future and we will be able to show the world that we remain invincible."



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