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Jorge Rodríguez delves into the novel with “The sea that you give me”

This is his first novel, which is political, poetic and realistic.

This Wednesday night, El mar que me regalas, the first novel by writer Jorge Rodríguez, president of the National Assembly, published by the Acirema publishing house, was baptized at Filven.

The presentation was given by the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, who pointed out that Rodríguez “is surprising by combining intense public and notorious political activity with his very intimate dedication to literary creation in a demanding genre, because he handles fiction with mastery, as he does, not just any apprentice or pretender to the title of writer does it. It is a shocking text due to the text and context and it is shocking to imagine how much reality there is in the proposed fiction.”

For his part, Freddy Ñáñez, Minister of Communication and Information, indicated that it is a novel that “I am sure will mark a milestone in the national narrative due to its ability to combine a very solid style and for having achieved the immense task of build from the imagination and memory. “Jorge Rodríguez is a writer borrowed from politics.”

In fact, he recalled that it took Rodríguez a year or so to write The Skin of the Lizard, then Papeles de la Dementia and now The Sea That Gives Me a Gift, “a novel that has been written for a long time in silence and has the wonder of being built in hours.” in the morning, in a very short time.”

Then, Cósimo Mandrillo, poet and literary critic, stated that it is “a novel with dizzying language that the reader, from the first line, can hardly put down.”

Furthermore, he insisted that Rodríguez used a narrative tension that is associated with the story and that multiplies according to the various languages ​​that tend to be “at times extraordinarily poetic, at times extraordinarily stark and realistic.”

In his opinion, it is “simply a text that is filled with humor that is transmitted by irony and unusual and strange associations, and gives, in general, a festive character to the text, which must later be denied.” And he assured that The Sea You Give Me is perfectly adaptable to cinema: "it creates endearing characters whom we love intensely or hate terribly with real resentment", to conclude that it is an "atypical" political novel with descriptions loaded with poetry "that can seduce and scandalize the reader.”

Between anecdotes and efforts. Jorge Rodríguez read excerpts from the novel and told anecdotes, such as the fact that he started writing it 20 years ago, but it had no backup and the computer on which he had started writing was given away. “But I was fortunate enough to have knee surgery in February and one morning I started writing wildly.” It was then when he called Cosimo and he thought his harsh comments were wonderful to achieve this novel, which takes place in the 90s, after the massacre of 89.

“In those four days, when thousands of Venezuelans were murdered by the Armed Forces against civilians. We are children of those who launched the insurrection, the profound change of society and who were annihilated with blood and fire. From my generation there is always someone who was imprisoned, murdered or subjected to military trials. We are children of defeat. Living in the years 89, 90, and feeling that we had been massacred again in February-March 1989, gave the impression that defeat was going to be our mark forever and, from the pain and defeat, we recovered with humor and irony. That is why there is another time journey of the novel of transformation of the characters,” Rodríguez noted.

Another piece of information he gave is that this transformation of the characters “has a lot to do with some codes and I think they are highly sought after in this novel because they have to do with how to recover from the negligible, how to recover from deep anxiety, how to recover from the sadness, pain and depression are the elements of tenderness, which are inherent to human beings, except for torturers.”

And for Rodríguez, "it is true that I was already with the novel very present within me and one thing that scared me a lot was the torture and torment of a human being."

For him, the stories are so lightning that they distance themselves from the writer, but in the novel they are accompanied by the pain of the characters.

Finally, he thanked those who helped him in the process of constructing this, his first novel, and then baptized it and signed the copies acquired by his readers.

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