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In the La Vega parish San Juan is one more

In the El Carmen neighborhood they sing and dance and take out in procession

The presence of two international delegations, from Trinidad and Tobago and Bolivia, invited to the Meeting of Drums of the Dawn which took place in Plaza Bolívar in Caracas, was the singular note of San Juan of the La Vega parish, which yesterday reached 51 years of experience.

It was an exciting and colorful day, with a particular strength due to the rhythmic accompaniment of cumacos, pipes, curbatas, laurels and guaruras, from the night of the 23rd to the 24th when the frenzy of music, songs, dances and joy broke out in a community. sometimes hit by crime.

Today peace reigns, among other reasons due to the dismantling of the Cota 905 gangs and the impressive push that the community gives to its cultural and sports events.

William Ochoa, National Culture Prize 2021-2022 and one of the líderis fundamental to the Brotherhood and the Society of San Juan, explained that the tradition this year was strictly followed, from 9 pm on Sunday when the saint leaves in procession until arriving, at approximately 11:00 pm, at the chapel in the El Carmen neighborhood, where the Black Christmas Eve mass was celebrated that allows the meeting between San Benito, San Antonio and San Pedro, who greet Juan on his day. That is until dawn the next day between flags, guaruras, payment of promises and sirens.

Yesterday they heard in La Vega reminiscences of the different forms of the Venezuelan drum such as that of the coast of Aragua, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Miranda and La Guaira, due to the systematic effort of research and meeting of the members of that brotherhood with cultists from various regions of the country.

At 7 pm he was paraded back in a procession along 7 de Diciembre Street in the El Carmen neighborhood, to be locked up again in the Chapel of the Saints of the Blacks until next year.

According to Wiliam, it is possible that even this Afro-descendant celebration had its origin in Hacienda La Vega itself, from where the black manumiss Damiana Liendo left for the distant lands of Chuao with a San Juan that she began to celebrate in those lands in the days when The demonstration was restricted in Caracas, where already in the 18th century he was feted through the brotherhood of San Juan Bautista of the hermitage of San Mauricio.
Ochoa is líder, promising, cultural and one of the most passionate activists of cultural work in Caracas.

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