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Guillermo Sucre did not die of poetry

"To begin with: we will not die of poetry / nobody has the word even if they speak or everyone has it even if they are silent / poets of their time arrive at the wrong time / I go with those who leave and do not return." In the poem Entretextos, written in 1974, the poet, essayist and literary critic, Guillermo Sucre, in a certain way, spoke of farewells. But it was the early morning of this Thursday when he really said goodbye to this life, at 88 years old.

Sucre was a recognized scholar of Latin American literature and poetry, and he expanded that knowledge to students at national universities. In fact, he founded the first postgraduate course in Latin American Literature at Simón Bolívar and, not in vain, was the National Prize for Literature.

On social networks, personalities from the literary world regretted his departure.

Enrique Krauze, Mexican historian, essayist and editor, paid tribute to Sucre on his twitter account, rescuing some of his texts.

The poet Edda Armas wrote: “Academic, essayist, poet Guillermo Sucre bequeaths his intelligent and well-considered work planted and alive for all. I will remember him with the high spirits that lit his face when he received the 'Honoris causa' on the #USB together with the poet -his friend- Rafael Cadenas in 2020. #Venezolana Poetry.

On the other hand, La Parada Poética collected an extract from a Sucre verse: “We are also immortal words. Words of the moment of goodbye ”.

Sucre left behind great texts such as The Mask, the Transparency and The Second Version, among others.