Celarg regretted the physical departure of María Josefina Tejera

The researcher coordinated the writing of the monumental Dictionary of Venezuelanisms

“María Josefina Tejera belongs to a constellation of language scholars made up of Andrés Bello, Rafael María Baralt, Lisandro Alvarado and Ángel Rosenblat. He coordinated the writing of the monumental Dictionary of Venezuelanisms. That is, with what words do we reflect and refract the world in Venezuela. He did it, he said, out of love for those people who get up early every day to build a nation ”.

This was expressed by Roberto Hernández Montoya, president of the Rómulo Gallegos Center for Latin American Studies, on the occasion of the death of the language researcher, a member of the Venezuelan Academy of Language.

Hernández Montoya commented that "his life is over, but his work remains with us, committing ourselves to making a better country."

Tejera was a member of the International Association for the History of the Spanish Language, a corresponding individual of the Royal Spanish Academy (1989), among other merits.



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