Caracas Book Fair will be digital and in cafes of the central helmet

Photo: Archive

From tomorrow until Sunday 25 the 12th edition of the Caracas Book Fair will be held, with activities in face-to-face and digital format.

Under the slogan "Caracas: an open book", there will be poetry recitals, book presentations, forums, talks and other news, through Fundarte's social networks.

More than 40 activities will be available at this fair, which will be a showcase for the main editorial novelties in the country, as well as in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Haiti.

Writers will be present such as Iván Cruz Osorio, Masiel Monserrat, Indira Isel Torres and Jocelyn Martínez (Mexico), Freddy Yezzed and Stefhany Rojas (Colombia), Lautaro Rivera and Fernando Vicente Prieto (Argentina), Vijay Prashad (India) and Roberto Sambra (Chile ).

The honoree will be the anthropologist and historian Iraida Vargas, a renowned scholar of our historical and recent past. Joining her will be Inti Clark, Gabriel Jiménez Emán, Antonio Robles, Celsa Acosta, Jennifer Gugliota, César Seco, Rosa Elena Pérez, Ximena Benitez, Roger Herrera, William Osuna and William Torrealba, among many more.

There will be face-to-face activities such as literary creation workshops and poetic-musical recitals in the circuit of cafes in the historic center.

Readers will be able to purchase free books at and will know the winners of the Stefania Mosca National Literature Prize.



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