Ali Primera is remembered 80 years after his birth with love for combat

With popular songs by the poet Alí Primera, the walk was carried out in honor of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Falconian singer-songwriter remembered for his protest lyrics.

The governor of the western entity, Víctor Clark, led the route that started from the Caujarao climb in Coro, where a giant statue of the town singer is erected, after the placement of red carnations as an act of respect, gratitude and commemoration of his social struggle.

Those present walked about 800 meters until they reached the stage set up in the Hugo Chávez promenade on Chema Saher avenue, to sing and enliven the cultural identity that Primera represents in the region.

Clark said before interpreting some lyrics: «Here we are the sons and daughters of your song Yiyo, those of us who love the fight for life. Your Song is the fertile fertilizer that continues to open paths to the good Homeland. Alí is the sun that shines the brightest today, 80 years later we celebrate the life of one of the most authentic and genuine Falconians. Today we continue to tell you your song will live forever, Long live our Singing Father Ali First! ».

Clark at the touch of the tambora assured that the best gift for "panita Ali" is to continue working for a revolutionary country to give its people what it deserves.

The walk was joined by the deputies to the National Assembly of the regional fraction, the head of the campaign command "Aristóbulo Istúriz" Jesús Faría, the candidates for regional and municipal positions championed by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela for this November 21 , as well as popular power.



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