Alfredo Naranjo: Music is part of me

Naranjo will premiere a new adventure in the media.

The coronavirus pandemic made Alfredo Naranjo reinvent himself in several areas.

Although music has always been his main reason for life and inspiration, the quarantine situation made him resize.

One of the things the pandemic left him was dedicating more to cooking. He had the idea of ​​taking a course to polish his ability, "but I didn't, although I ended up cooking and, above all, doing chores in the kitchen with a perfection that I myself can't believe," he commented with a laugh.

Time also helped him compose and find other ways to communicate. His most recent project is the upcoming premiere of a podcast with IVC television.

Likewise, he has not stopped making music in different fields, "not only composing but also reissuing songs with great artists."

"What is the podcast about?"

—It's called Restricted Hours and I do it with Juan Carlos Liker and Paula Bevilacqua. It will be released soon on IVC's youtube. It lasts half an hour and I am very excited because in the midst of what we live other possibilities open up. The content is an interview. We already have two engravings that were very funny.

- Do you participate playing or solo as an announcer?

—I am there with my instrument (vibraphone) and I am enlivening the interview. I also ask my questions when I consider it. I think there is something interesting remaining. The people of the channel already gave us their feedback and they liked it.

"Is it a way to get the radio back on?"

"That's something few people know." I came from doing the Rumbos program, in times of pandemic, on Radio Rumbos and before that I had been on Radio del Ateneo and Radio Venezuela. So it was not difficult for me to adapt, although it is the first time I have done something with an image.

"Is it possible that all this will make you lose your dedication to music?"

-I do not believe it. Music is part of me. I keep composing and always exploring formulas. In fact, this year I reissued with themes: Little by little, a new version that Francisco Rojas sings and that has had a rebound thanks to a video uploaded by Daniela Alvarado. We are going to play her at her marriage, on September 18.

"He has also tried his luck with the movies."

"That is something that makes me very happy." The music I did for Especial has received two awards. One at the Chicago Film Festival and one in France. They contacted me to do the one for the documentary Salsa, a Caribbean tumbao, which, in Los Angeles, is directed by a young Venezuelan filmmaker, Benny Márquez. The music I'm making for that is Latin jazz, while Márquez is preparing the one for the soundtrack. In it, there will be songs by musicians who, like Eddie Palmieri, will be in the making.

Singing and support

Another of the projects that Naranjo dusted off was the theme When you have time, with Luis Fernando Borjas.

It is a song that the vibraphonist wrote for a friend, a victim of domestic violence. She was so impacted by what she had to experience “that I thought of leaving my contribution so that situations like this do not continue to recur. Now, I relaunched it when I saw an image of some Afghan women trying to flee. " 



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