Alejandro Zavala will premiere Vocal album

The album will be available on January 29. Photo: Supplied

Starting next January 29, the fourth album by singer-songwriter Alejandro Zavala, entitled Vocal, will be available on various digital platforms.

To promote it, it will also premiere, on its channel on the YouTube platform, the official video clip of the song El becerrito by Simón Díaz, contained in the record production.

Vocal, comes to break with the custom in Zabala's career, who for the first time works completely alone in each and every aspect of the material.

What is Vocal about and how was this album born?
It is the conjunction between my passion for vocal music and the traditions, the repertoire and the beauty of the music of our country. It was born many years ago when I had contact with the album Simple pleasures by Boby macferry, which is made with his own voice and that amazed me and I always wanted to make an album of these characteristics and after many years and work I have been able to realize this dream of make an album that is only with my voice, through the recording of different channels and add each of the creative proposals of each voice to achieve a sound universe in each song using the repertoire of great authors of our country as well as the different genres of the wonderful places we have on our land.

He participated in all aspects of this album. What was the experience like and how long did it take?

This album was a great personal challenge, it took four years to finish it and many other years of studying vocal percussion, recreating instruments with the voice, choral arrangement, vocal arrangement, I could say that it has taken me more than twenty years to have the tools to create a job like this, in addition to learning audio to record myself and do all the mixing and mastering. It has been a wonderful challenge and a great job to share with people and to feel pleased to be able to celebrate this launch.

What do you want to convey with Vocal?

That you can do too many things with your voice, it is a very versatile, very powerful instrument that has incredible capabilities and one of them is being able to recreate even traditional instruments, enough had been done with the beatbox, imitating electronic instruments, drums, basses , guitars, but doing a four to three voice channels or making a four voice channel harp, recreating the energy of the maracas, of the drums of our Venezuelan coast, are things that seem very important to me that can be reflected in the album, which has experimental characteristics and I know that maybe not everyone wants to listen to it every time, but I am sure that everyone will be able to show interest in such a particular and unique work.