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They will create 10 cultural houses in the municipality of San Francisco 

Procedures are carried out to elevate the gaitero guild as a national cultural heritage worldwide for the Guinness Record

In the San Francisco municipality of Zulia state, they will create 10 cultural houses in the 7 parishes of the entity, with the aim of strengthening culture, informed Gustavo Fernández, mayor of the municipality during the inauguration of the Magda Guerra Cultural House.

«This space that we are inaugurating bears the name of a magnanimous San Franciscan gaitar, Magda Guerra, I was part of a short period of Father Vílchez's Zagalines, and I had to be tutored by great gaiteros in this place, a space declared cultural heritage of San Francis," Fernandez said.

Fernández thanked all those who, spontaneously and voluntarily, support these initiatives, "this is the future, the value of children in society, I am proud and excited about the legacy of Father Vílchez, the sentimental mayor of San Francisco" , he highlighted.

Raúl Fernández, director of Culture, reported that “it is the first cultural house that has been created in the municipality, it is a link of 10 instances of this type that we are going to create in all the parishes. This is an agreement between the Padre Vilchez Foundation (Fundapavil), the Mayor's Office of San Francisco, and Fundagraez of the Government of Zulia », he reported.

Fernández emphasized the importance of taking cultural aspects into account in San Francisco "we did general cleaning in all the spaces, we fumigated, and we donated two air conditioners to activate the classrooms."

He stressed that "a dream is going to converge here, we have been waiting for the creation of this cultural house for many years, and here we are fulfilling it."

Cultural workshops are given in the municipality of Miranda

The Institute of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the municipality of Miranda gave painting, drawing, dance, music, and puppet workshops, among other artistic expressions, to more than 40 participants, including children, adolescents, and young people from the entity, with the aim of honoring to the painter Gabriel Bracho.

María Tellería, president of the historical and cultural heritage institute, stressed that this initiative is being deployed in the town under the slogan "Culture We Are All." 

Venancio La Concha entertained those who enjoyed the evening of the cultural workshops with his romantic and salsero saxophone. 

In the next few days, work tables will be held to organize the formal registration of other workshops and the exhibition and musical show to be held on May 25, the anniversary date of the Great Painter, Gabriel Bracho, informed the president of the institute of cultural heritage of the municipality Miranda. 

They will summon the gaitar guild to participate in the Guinness record of the Gaita

The president of the Municipal Institute of Gaitas Ricardo Aguirre (Imgra), Endri Méndez, invites the gaitar guild to be aware of the call that will be made soon to establish participation in this world event.

"Soon we are going to have a meeting with all the agents who make life inside the gaitas to launch this Guinness Record plan and project that we are sure we will be able to break with the sum of everyone's work," said Méndez. 

He reiterated that the invitation to participate is open and inclusive. «The medal is not for us, it is a gift for the gaita».

The mayor of the Maracaibo municipality, Rafael Ramírez, announced that he has started the procedures to elevate this national cultural heritage to the world level and that the Guinness Record will be established on November 8, Gaitero's Day in tribute to the entire guild. 

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