Two women are captured with 70 cartridges of different calibers

A weapons seizure was carried out by the GNB in ​​the Mata Rica sector, in Bolívar state.

Two women were detained by officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and a total of 70 cartridges were seized from them, a military source reported.  

In the Batatal sector, Baralt municipality, Zulia, members of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) Costa Oriental del Lago, arrested Lucy Elin Uzcátegui Reinosa, a member of the El Cagón gang.  

The detainee was carrying, hidden among household items, 15 cartridges of war weapons caliber 762 × 39 mm, five cartridges of firearms caliber 9 mm and eight cell phones.  

The other woman was detained in El Tocuyo, Lara state, by members of GNB Detachment 122 and was identified as Liliana Margarita González. The woman possessed 50 Cavim 12-gauge polyethylene cartridges.  

Six weapons

While, in the Tierra Blanca sector, Girardot municipality (Maracay), Aragua state, the military detained six individuals belonging to the criminal group La Granja, who were carrying six 12-gauge shotguns without visible marks or serial numbers, 21 cartridges of the same caliber and three Portable radios. 

The detainees are: Harold Enrique Goatache Rodríguez, Carlos Luis Aular Alzurlo, Andrés Rafael Pérez, Luis Rafael Hernández Carraco, Antonio José Luna and Jeans Carlos Pérez Pantoja. 

A similar seizure was made by the GNB in ​​the Mata Rica sector, Caroní municipality (San Félix), Bolívar. There they detained five subjects who carried three caliber shotguns, a 16, a 22 caliber rifle, a black HQT brand portable radio, three cell phones and six 12 caliber cartridges. 

In this procedure, Segundo Rafael Suárez, Ernesto Jesús Rodríguez Piña, Alexander Guzmán Ávila Cuello, José Ramón Medina Azocar and Luis Eduardo Medina Azocar, who are members of the criminal organization Los Guaros, were arrested. These people were traveling in a Ford truck, Super Duty, license plate A75CB5M.  

The two women and the eleven men were handed over to the Public Ministry for prosecution for illegal possession of firearms and criminal association, among other crimes. 



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