Two micro-traffickers arrested in La Guaira

Two subjects were detained by military personnel, attached to Detachment 452 of La Guaira of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), for micro-trafficking of drugs, and they also filed applications with the Public Ministry.

The procedures took place during an intelligent patrol device, carried out by the troops in the Caraballeda and Naiguatá parishes, in La Guaira.

The first detainee was identified as Abrahan David Arteaga Urbina (23), who was in the Playa El Yate sector, Caraballeda parish.

The officers seized 20 mini-wrappers of an alleged drug, called marijuana, weighing approximately 8,4 grams.

Dennis Salvador Parra Elías (27) was the second detainee, in a procedure carried out in the Pueblo Arriba sector, Naiguatá parish. Parra Elías fled when he shouted for a suspicious attitude, but they apprehended him and found a knife-type weapon in his belongings.

The subject submitted a request from the Second Control Court of the La Guaira state, for the crime of fraud in 2020.

The detainees were placed under the order of the Public Ministry of La Guaira state.



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