Two escaped prisoners killed

Two prisoners who had escaped from Detachment 133 of the Bolivarian National Guard were killed during a confrontation that they had with the military assigned to the aforementioned unit, according to military sources. 

In this case, those killed were identified as Omar Medina Colmenares, alias El Guaro and Luis Daniel Sarmiento Álvarez, nicknamed El Cachorro. These subjects escaped last Saturday, March 27, from Detachment 133 of the GNB based in Tucacas (Fal) along with three other inmates still to be recaptured. 

The subjects fired two 12 and 16 caliber shotguns against the military commission, which were collected at the end of the skirmish in the Sanara de Tucacas sector (Fal).   

Memo farmhouse. Another confrontation with GNB troops took place in the Memo hamlet, Urdaneta municipality (Barbacoas), south of Aragua, bordering Guárico. There the military had an armed confrontation with members of the El Chachi gang.  

One of the criminals was killed, whose identity is in the process of being verified. He was known by the alias of El Pili, who possessed a 12 gauge CBC shotgun. Three days ago two members of that criminal organization were killed when they confronted the GNB in ​​the Ruiz Pineda sector, Barbacoas (Ara). On this occasion, the deceased are known by the nicknames of El Mango and El Firi, who possessed a Mod Hk pistol, caliber 7.65 mm and a shotgun, without a visible mark or serial number, caliber 20. 



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