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HomeCrimeTwo Cicpc detectives arrested for vehicle theft

Two Cicpc detectives arrested for vehicle theft

The event occurred in Guarenas, where they also stripped a group of people of their belongings.

Two Cicpc officials were arrested for allegedly being members of the criminal organization Los Carmeleros, dedicated to vehicle theft in Guarenas and other sectors of Miranda state, the scientific police reported.   

The detainees were identified as: Edwin Neomar López Sojo (40), nicknamed El Bachaco, Adrián Jossie Herrera Romero (30), detective attaché with five years of service, and Isaac Orosman Landaeta Carvajal (24), detective with nine months of service, who together with Juan Carlos Yaguaran Prado, still to be apprehended; aboard a Toyota Corolla, license plate AA399FR, owned by one of the officials, they went to the entrance of Nueva Casarapa, Guarenas parish, Plaza municipality, Miranda state, where using firearms, they subdued a group of people who They were in the place, stripping them of their belongings and a Ford Fiesta, license plate EAU88A, fleeing the place.

Once the investigations began, officials attached to the Cicpc-Guarenas Vehicle Division managed to locate the aforementioned, recover the stolen vehicle, the car used as a means of commission and a Chevrolet, Malibu, license plate ABP45I. A pistol-type firearm was also seized from them.

"From the Cicpc, we will not accept conduct outside the framework of the law, carried out by our officials," the publication notes. 


  1. Those are detained because they were pointed out and seen, if not the bosses turn a blind eye, as an official does with their poverty wages, they own trucks, the latest cars, models worth thousands of dollars and homes plus the luxuries that are available. dan, nobody investigates as it should be.

  2. These types of actions carried out by some civil servants-criminals are very long-standing, that comes from the Fourth Republic. KIDNAPPING, EXTORTION, COLLECTION OF VACCINES, THEFT OF VEHICLES, CHAPEO, RABBIT, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, HOMICIDES, ETC.... Nothing new.

  3. the cicpc is dirty that is no excuse, all the police forces are dirty
    the guard the army tax courts governments mayors all dirty

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