TSJ ordered the prosecution of two pimps required by France


The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice ordered the prosecution of María Eugenia Cuello Sanz (22) and Rosmán Javier Gámez Cádiz (23), for the alleged commission of the crimes of homicide, forced prostitution and money laundering, as read in the Judgment No. 123 drafted by Judge Juan Luis Ibarra.  

Cuello and Gámez were detained by the Cicpc on January 21 in the Nuevo Horizonte neighborhood, Catia, Libertador municipality. They presented a red notice from Interpol of October 18, 2019, requested by France. In that country they opened a file for his alleged participation in the murder of 19-year-old Abderamane Bacar. This person went with his friends Maissa Diack and Jean Didier Gnahore to an apartment, where the latter had an appointment with a prostitute previously booked on the internet. 

That meeting occurred on October 12, 2019 on Dampierre Street, Paris, France, where the apartment for appointments attended by Venezuelans Cuello and Gámez, among others, was left. In the building, Jean Didier had an altercation with the prostitute's supplier, for which he notified his friends via text message. Abderamane and Maissa went up to the apartment. There they watched as the pimp grabbed two knives and wounded Jean Didier in the hand and then stabbed Abderamane in the chest, who immediately collapsed. His friends took him out of the building and on the street he was helped by firefighters and police until he finally died.  

French authorities determined that the apartment where the brawl occurred was rented by a Venezuelan nicknamed Duque Martínez, who operated a prostitution ring. They presume that Cuello and Gámez were part of that organization "of pimping on a significant scale, which generates significant income, transferring various intermediaries at the international level." Based on this, the French justice processed the extradition of Cuello and Sanz who fled to Venezuela.  

Two days after the arrest in Catia de Cuello y Gámez, the 14th Control Court of Caracas decreed that was deprived of liberty and sent the file to the Criminal Chamber for it to decide on the extradition request made by France.  

The magistrates analyzed the approach of the French authorities and concluded that it is not possible to send Cuello and Gámez to that nation because the Constitution prohibits the extradition of Venezuelans. But they stated that they assume “the firm commitment to prosecute the citizens María Eugenia Cuello Sanz and Rosman Javier Gámez Cádiz, for the facts contained which find adequacy in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the crimes of homicide, forced prostitution and legitimization of capitals ”.  

Due to this decision, the Criminal Chamber urged the Public Ministry to request and collect from the French Republic, the evidence that could be used for the trial in Venezuelan territory of Cuello Gámez.  

The Criminal Chamber also agreed to forward all the documentation sent by France to the 14th Court of Control of Caracas, for the initiation of the corresponding criminal proceedings against María Eugenia Cuello Sanz and Rosman Javier Gámez Cádiz. 

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