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TSJ endorses extradition of the García Álvarez brothers

The arrest in Spain of the García Álvarez brothers occurred on May 14

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice supports the approach of the Venezuelan State to request that Spain send the brothers Francisco José and Rebeca García Álvarez to be prosecuted here for incitement to hatred and pornographic exhibition of children, among others.

Such decisions are contained in sentences 291 and 292 written by Judge Elsa Gómez and signed by the other members of the court.

The investigation into the García Álvarez brothers was initiated by the Public Ministry on May 7. Prosecutors point to Rebeca as a person who “was dedicated to persecuting and harassing his female victims through text messages, emails and even violating their homes and workplaces, threatening them with death and sexually harassing them. generating terror, anxiety, fear and tormenting them psychologically,” says the sentence of the Criminal Chamber.

During the course of the investigation, the 59th National Prosecutor's Office with Full Competence requested the Information Technology Systems Analysis Division of the Public Ministry to achieve full identification and participation of the García Álvarez brothers in the dissemination of photographs where they They observe children without clothes. These photographs were taken by Francisco García and disseminated on his social networks.

Likewise the Public ministry collected the book Coco Aguirre, written by Rebeca, in which fragments are read where she recounts the moments in which she stalked her victims and expresses feeling hatred for them. She also expresses her intentions to take her victims to her home and observe them without clothes.

On May 8, an arrest warrant was issued against the García Álvarez brothers, according to a report issued by the 11th Control Court of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of the Caracas Metropolitan Area.

La arrest in Spain of the García Álvarez brothers occurred on May 14, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Criminal Chamber of the TSJ.

With this information and the file sent from the 11th Control Court, the magistrates confirmed “the existence of the elements of conviction that support the arrest warrant and, in the same way, the order to initiate the extradition procedure.”

Based on that and other reasons, the Criminal Chamber declared the extradition request to bring the García Álvarez brothers to the country who will be put on trial. In that sense, the magistrates stated in the ruling that the TSJ “assumes a firm commitment to the Kingdom of Spain, that…Rebeca will be tried in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela…with the due guarantees enshrined in the Constitution, relating to: a) to the right to due process (article 49), b) to the principle of non-discrimination (article 19)…”, among others.

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