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Three people arrested for selling a girl in Aragua

Investigations showed that a couple would have offered $ 500 dollars to the mother of the baby

Officials from the Villa de Cura Municipal Delegation managed to rescue a 2-month-old girl who had been a victim of child trafficking by her mother in the La Coromoto sector, Villa de Cura parish, Zamora municipality, Aragua state.

Through a report posted on its social networks, the Cicpc reported that the investigations began when Crisangel Arianny Quintana Delgado (20) went to the police office to file a complaint against Anabel Milagros Carpio Pérez (41) because she had used her trust and On April 7, when giving birth, the infant was taken from the Rafael Rangel Hospital located in Villa de Cura, Aragua.

The scientific police determined that said version provided by Crisangel was false, because she had reached an agreement with Carpio and her husband, identified as Jesús Javier Álvarez (51), to take charge of her pregnancy and at the time of give birth, Álvarez would introduce the little girl as her father and keep her.

In turn, it was learned that the couple would have offered 500 dollars in cash to the mother of the baby, after giving them the little one. However, Crisangel, not receiving the money after two months, went to file the complaint for the alleged kidnapping.

When the girl was rescued, she was evaluated by a specialist and is in good health.

The case was made available to the 15th Prosecutor's Office of the Aragua State Public Ministry for criminal proceedings.

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