They murdered an old woman and threw a corpse into a tank

An 85-year-old woman was murdered inside her residence located in Colinas de Vista Alegre, Caracas, according to police sources. The victim is María Filomena de Guarino, a native of Italy but with more than 50 years living in Venezuela, according to data provided by family members. 

Subjects entered María's house to steal property, but they killed her by strangulation and threw her body into a water tank. This Wednesday, a daughter removed the body at the Bello Monte morgue.  

In another event, Cicpc officials arrested Norma Carolina Araya Inciarte (45) and her son José Gregorio Castro Araya (18) for the murder of Yonathán José Gutiérrez Orfila (24), who was the woman's partner. Mother and son said at first that Yonathán died of a heart attack, but it was found that José Gregorio beat him to death during an argument that occurred on June 27 in the Unión neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar, a source said. 


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