They killed two kidnappers in Zulia

Two members of a group dedicated to kidnapping were killed during a confrontation in the La Paz sector, Jesús Enrique Losada municipality, Zulia, according to military sources.  

The deceased were registered as Johanderson Enríquez Torres Pérez and Elvis José Urdaneta Villalobos, members of the criminal organization El Irving. The subjects are involved in a kidnapping that occurred on August 30, according to reports from the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas), whose agents carried out the operation.   

One of the criminals killed had on his cell phone photos of the body of the victim kidnapped on August 30. At the scene, the military collected two radio transmitters, an MD Alcon motorcycle, without a license plate, and two Ranger 38 caliber revolvers.  

The Public Ministry was informed of the procedure. 


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