StartGuáricoThe GNB seized 20 thousand false euros in Guárico

The GNB seized 20 thousand false euros in Guárico

The Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) seized in Dos Caminos (Guárico) the sum of 20 thousand 300 false euros, said military sources.

The imitations of the paper money were transported by Fermín Mora Ibañez and Carlos Segundo Álvarez, who were traveling in a Chevrolet Aveo, plate AC714PA. These people are part of the Los Amarillos criminal organization, according to the GNB hampogram.

In addition, the subjects were seized 200 euros of legal courses, a gold-type gold-bearing material wrapper, weighing ten grams, two gold-colored metallic steel wrappers, weighing two kilos with 90 grams of powder used to counterfeit coins; three folders with 114 steel coins and a propane cylinder.

In the vehicle, the subjects also carried a digital weight, a handmade spoon and a metal clamp.

Mora and Álvarez were handed over to the Public Ministry where an investigation was opened for forgery of paper money.