The GNB arrested six kidnappers and rescued a woman

Six members of criminal organizations dedicated to kidnapping and extortion were captured by agents of the Bolivarian National Guard, according to reports obtained on military premises. 

Four of the six detainees were arrested in the Social Security sector of San Carlos, Cojedes state, identified as Enrique Acosta Juan, José del Carmen Vielma, Sammy Jesús Zambrano Adán, and Yarismar Carolina Moreno La Cruz. 

The subjects were traveling on an Ava 15 León motorcycle, plate NAC095 and two vehicles: Chevrolet Corsa, plate GAV62S and Chevrolet Aveo, plate AA070HL, says the report.  

These people were denounced by multiple victims in the Cojedeña entity.  

Two other alleged kidnappers were detained in the Las Macanilla sector, Pedro Camejo municipality, San Juan de Payara, Apure state. They are: Hermes José Pérez Jiménez and Gabriel Aníbal Díaz Meza.  

The mechanism used by these two subjects was to rob their victims and then demand a certain amount in dollars in exchange for returning the stolen property. On other occasions, they held people and called their relatives to pay for their release, according to investigations.  

And on the Central Regional Highway, near Maitana, Karol Barrios Villarreal was rescued, who had been kidnapped since last August 30 when she was kidnapped in Palo Negro, Aragua state.  

According to reports, members of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) No. 42 exerted pressure against the criminal group to achieve the release of the woman. 


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