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Six deaths identified and three people missing

Search efforts continue for those missing after the flooding of the Manzanares River last Tuesday, July 2

So far, six deceased people have been identified and three are still missing, due to the flooding of the Manzanares River, generated by the heavy rains recorded in the state of Sucre, last Tuesday, July 2, due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl through the east of the country.

The deceased were identified as: Andrés Rafael Vallenilla (64), Aníbal Eduardo Barreto (34), Leonardo Daniel Cortéz (50), Luisa Beltrán Carpintero (53), Dilia Carpintero (77) and Antonio Rafael Vallenilla (63).

The bodies of these people were located in the sectors of Los Cedros, Barrio Blanco and La Fragua, due to the work carried out by Civil Protection officials, firefighters and the neighbors who joined the search.

However, three people who are identified as Olga Dilianny Rodríguez Carpintero and Javier Bello are still missing. The third person has not yet been identified.

It was unofficially learned that a group of nine people were found safe and sound at the top of the Turimiquire hill, where they had climbed to protect themselves.

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