"Fat Octavio" shot down in Petare

Members of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc) killed Octavio Richard González Piñango, alias' Gordo Octavio, who was a lieutenant of the 'Loco Leo' gang.

This was announced by the director of Cicpc Douglas Rico on his instagram, in which he detailed that the officials of the Anti-Theft Division located González Piñango in the La Dolorita sector, Petare, Miranda state, and once said subject noticed Due to the presence of the troops, he confronted them, being wounded by several shots that caused his death while he was transferred to a medical center near the place.

Another member of the same criminal group whose identity is unknown also lost his life in the event.

The "Gordo Octavio", who was requested by the justice, had assumed control of drug trafficking and the sale of weapons in the El Valle parish, after the "Loco Leo" was discharged by the Faes.



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