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They robbed a bus on the Píritu-Barcelona section of Troncal 9

Criminals forced the driver of the unit to stop with a barricade of burning objects

In the early hours of Wednesday, June 22, a group of criminals attacked an Expresos Pegamar unit on the Píritu-Barcelona section of the Troncal 9 national highway after forcing it to stop with a barricade of burning objects.  

According to a report by Ricardo Ferreira, representative of the transportation company, the driver of the Marcopolo bus, white with the number 1038, was traveling through the sector known as Las Isletas, leaving the Píritu distributor, when he encountered obstacles and when Backing up, two armed subjects came out and shot him from the front, while others hidden in the bushes did the same.

He explained that the unit got stuck with road defenses and the driver, identified as Andrés Moris; and the collector, Gregorio Ceuta, managed to get out of the cabin with the injuries caused by the broken glass from the bullet impacts and ran to ask for help from the troops arranged at the GNB checkpoint, located in the El Tejar sector of Píritu .

Ferreira confirmed that the unit had left from the city of Cumaná in the state of Sucre during the night of Tuesday the 21st with five passengers who transferred to another bus at the La Fragua de Píritu stop and then continued to the city of Maturín, state Monagas.

The transporter indicated that the expertise of the scientific police determined that the bus received 8 bullet wounds, in addition that the driver and collector reported the loss of their luggage, money and sound reproducing equipment.

On March 20, an Expresos Mérida worker was also shot, wounds that ultimately caused his death when he was covering the San Cristóbal-Puerto La Cruz route.

In this event, which occurred in Puente Gómez in Barcelona, ​​a few meters from the Los Potocos toll booth on Troncal 9, the 12 passengers it was carrying were robbed.

That day the two-story unit, number 149 of the fleet, Busscar brand, white, was ambushed by a group of assailants who also placed obstacles on the road.

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