Retained more than 25.000 liters of fuel

Members of the Bolivarian National Guard withheld more than 25.000 liters of fuel in four procedures in the states of Bolívar, Carabobo, Falcón and Anzoátegui.

20.000 liters were seized in a PDVSA Agrícola tank-type vehicle, which was driven by Giuseppe García from Puerto Cabello (Carabobo) to Portuguesa. He was arrested.

Another 3.520 liters of diesel-type fuel were found hidden in containers in the pipelines of the PDVSA company, located on the bank of the Orinoco River, in Anzoátegui.

In Falcón, four containers were seized, with 800 liters of diesel-type fuel, and Miguel Ángel Delgado was apprehended, who was transporting them in a cargo truck.

While Renny Bellorín and Francisco Andrade were captured in Falcón with 10 containers with 700 liters of diesel and more than Bs 30 million. The cases were reported to the Public Ministry.



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