Rescued two kidnapped by fake merchants

The Command came to the rescue of the victims.

Two men were kidnapped when they went to buy a vehicle that they had previously negotiated through the social network Facebook, according to military sources. The victims are: Ciro Samuel Díaz Bellorín and Armando José Acuña Velázquez.  

The two men went to the Bella Vista de Cagua sector, Aragua state, to purchase the vehicle. Upon arrival, they were approached by armed individuals who mounted them in a car and held them in a place from where they demanded a large sum in dollars from their relatives for their release.  

Relatives of the victims reported the incident to the authorities. A commission from the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) began the investigations by crossing telephone calls, which led them to the place where Bellorín and Acuña were.  

The agents arrived at the scene, rescued the hostages and recovered a Dodge Caliber truck, without a license plate, used by the hijackers and a Ford Triton truck, license plate A66AE5A owned by the victim, according to the report. 

Last week, Conas carried out another procedure in Cagua, Aragua, to rescue three kidnapped people.  



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