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Remains of the seventh victim of the air accident in Lake Maracaibo recovered

The only thing left to recover is the body of the pilot of the crashed aircraft.

The mayor of the insular municipality of Padilla in the state of Zulia, Alberto Sobalvarro, reported that they found the remains of Mr. Germán Wolter, the seventh victim of those found after the accident of the small plane that fell into the waters of Lake Maracaibo.

“We continue to recover remains of the crashed plane and some documents, photographs, cards, documents and the identity card of one of the occupants of the crashed plane; “We have, in this case,” Sobalvarro pointed out, “the documents of Mr. Germán Cristóbal Wolter de la Guardia.”

With the discovery, the mayor reported that seven of the eight victims of the terrible plane crash have been found and identified, offering the report of the ninth day of searching for the remains of the crashed aircraft, as well as the body that remains to be located: that of the pilot.

The victims

Sobalvarro also announced that the search will continue, "until the competent authorities from the capital of the Republic close the case," he assured.

Federico Wolter, Laura Prieto, Paula Hómez, Hilda Rincón and the children Germán and Mía Wolter, along with Germán Wolter, are the victims whose remains have been located by the authorities. “We just need to locate the body of the plane's pilot, Bernardo Azócar,” said the mayor.

The plane left at 3.30:9 in the afternoon from the hangar of the flying club at the La Chinita International Airport on May 10 with a flight schedule to the Santiago Mariño International Airport, in Nueva Esparta. XNUMX minutes after takeoff, communication with the plane was lost. pilot.

The alarms were unleashed and the first reports began to arrive from the Insular Padilla municipality.

On May 10, in the morning, a group of fishermen recovered a wing and part of the fuselage of the small plane identified with the initials YV-3296, model BE20, near the island of Zapara, specifically in the sector The Gunboat.

Nothing was known about survivors and the bodies of possible victims had not been recovered. 

Hard work

Since the incident, the national authorities, rescuers, the Fire Department, the PNB and the mayor of the Insular Almirante Padilla municipality, Alberto Sobalvarro, coordinating logistics and personnel for the recovery maneuvers, have been removing twisted iron and bodies of the deceased in the terrible accident.

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