Two soldiers who died in Apure were promoted post-mortem

The two soldiers who died last Wednesday when a mine exploded where they were patrolling in El Ripial (Apu), were promoted post-mortem.  

Second Sergeant Jesús Alexander Vásquez Pérez was promoted to the immediate superior hierarchy and decorated with the Army cross. “For having fulfilled the sacred duty of defending the homeland and its institutions. We swear vindictiveness to your military honor. You will live forever, son of the Homeland ”, wrote on his Twitter account Major General Domingo Hernández Larez, Commander General of the Army who accompanied his writing with photos of the coffin.  

Vásquez Pérez belonged to the 931 Reinforced Infantry Battalion “Santiago Mariño”. While 1st sergeant Andriel Istúriz Sojo, attached to the Sea Command Brigade, was promoted to the hierarchy of third sergeant major of the Bolivarian Navy.  

William Serantes, general commander of the aforementioned military component, said during the promotion ceremony that "we will never have the peace of mind to restore the honor of our comrade and our country." Then he announced that from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces "we are going to continue working, we are going to continue fighting these groups that on the border with Colombia have abrogated the right to commit irregular activities and destabilize or try to destabilize our internal order." 

The two soldiers died last Wednesday when they were traveling in a BTR-80A armored vehicle which was hit "by the detonation of an activated mine," according to a statement issued by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López. That day, nine soldiers were injured, who were also inside the armored vehicle.  

Other deceased

On the other hand, this Saturday afternoon they reported the death of two other soldiers in El Ripial, Apure-Colombia border, by means of the explosion of a grenade, according to military sources. After 6 pm this Saturday, the authorities had not issued any statement about the incident. Through closed sources we learned that the deceased are: 1st Lieutenant Julio Manuel Inojosa Morgado who presented an open skull fracture and 2nd Sergeant Yoendry Enrique Piñero Ortega. Another 9 soldiers were injured after the explosion of a grenade   

Among the wounded is Lieutenant Colonel Raúl Rooilander Quintero, who was diagnosed with a femur fracture. First Sergeant Breinner Alexander Granados Suárez presented an open wound in the abdomen. Second Sergeant Elías Domingo Gil La Torre, suffered the loss of an arm.  

Six soldiers suffered splinter injuries to various parts of their body: Marco José Álvarez González, Víctor Julio Domínguez Sánchez, Jorge Enrique Pérez González, Edwin José Castro Ramírez, Luis Omar Cárdenas Flores and Jean Carlos Hernández Puente.  

Legitimate use of weapons 

The Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López, wrote on his Twitter last Good Friday that the Republic is making legitimate use of arms to expel the groups that yearn for our territory for bastard purposes ”. 

Padrino López pointed out that the conflict is accompanied by other weapons that seek various objectives on the part of these illegal organizations based in Colombia, as described by the Minister. Among those objectives, the Minister mentioned: defending the economic interests of a drug-trafficking political class; create uncertainty in the Venezuelan population; build an international opinion matrix; undermine the morale of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and destabilize Venezuela. "For this they use psycho terror, social networks (Rrss), the media operators of lies and the big media," said Padrino López. 



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