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PNB suspended two police officers for fighting

Video spread on networks is the starting point of the internal sanction

The High Command of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) agreed to suspend two of its officials after a video was released showing them engaging in a fist fight.

“We repudiate the actions of the officials, Commissioner General Ramón Palazzone and officer Víctor Adrián Colmenares Ramoni,” says a statement issued by the PBN board. “In this sense, we inform that by decision of the High Command of the PNB, the acting officials are suspended from their positions and placed under the order of the Police Inspectorate,” adds the document signed by the director of the PNB, Rubén Darío Santiago.

The Polinacional board confirms that the event recorded on video “contravenes the spirit of the police function and does not represent the vast majority of the officials of this honorable institution.”

The fight, starring Palazzone and Colmenares, occurred on March 22 at the facilities of the Valles del Tuy Police Coordination Center. By that date, officer Colmenares had been released after being prosecuted for alleged trafficking of strategic material.

Officer Colmenares was arrested on March 1 on one of the roads in San Francisco de Yare (Miranda) when he was transporting strategic ferrous material in a Ford 350 truck. This procedure was carried out by police officers from the Simón Bolívar municipality ( San Francisco de Yare), whose mayor, Saúl Yánez, participated in the operation.

Once released, officer Colmenares went to complain to his bosses that they left him alone, a situation that unleashed the fight between superior and subordinate, which was recorded.

According to the analysis made by the PNB High Command, Palazzone and Colmenares were allegedly involved in serious offenses established in the Police Function Statute Law. This law describes the use of physical force as a serious offense.

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