Padrino affirms that the Fanb maintains operational capacity throughout the country

He reiterated the position of defense of the territory of Guayana Esequiba

The Minister for Defense, (G / J) Vladimir Padrino López highlighted that the operations in Apure do not affect the operational readiness to defend the sovereignty of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in the rest of the Venezuelan territory.

In a message published on his account on the social network Twitter, the military chief emphasized that the mobilization carried out by the Fanb towards the border is rushing to confront the irregular armed groups of Colombia "in no way does the exercise of sovereignty in our territory remain, it diverts attention from the legitimate claim on Guayana Esequiba ”.

Padrino's message comes after the announcement of the mobilization of troops towards the Llanera entity by the head of the Strategic Operational Command (CeoFanb), (A / J) Remigio Ceballos, who spoke during a meeting with President Maduro, reported that they remain deployed in the harsh territory to capture and neutralize the loopholes of these terrorist groups.



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