Operation "tun-tun" applied in San Agustín tracking Coqui and his henchmen

Security organizations were deployed in San Agustín, Libertador municipality, in search of the leaders of the criminal organization that operates from Cota 905.  

Carlos Calderón (El Vampi), Carlos Revette (El Coqui) and Garbys Ochoa (El Garbys) fled from Cota 905 since last Thursday when the police forces began an operation to rescue those places, as announced by the Interior Minister, Carmen Meléndez.  

They presume that Calderón, Revette and Ochoa requested the collaboration of bands from San Agustín to provide them with shelter. The request comes from the pact that both organizations had sealed months ago: El Coqui trusted him with drugs in exchange for protection, according to police sources.  

El Coqui negotiated a similar pact with Junior Salinas's band, which operates in El Guarataro. That is why the police commissions have been haunting both sectors of Caracas.  

The bandits settled in the flakes of Cota 905 knew in advance that the Government was preparing an operation to dismantle the criminal structure designed by Calderón, Revette and Ochoa. That is why they refined their alliances with Caracas gangs that could provide them protection when the time came. They also made pipots of automotive oil to spill it on the steep streets of Cota 905 and El Cementerio and thus prevent the displacement of armored vehicles and patrols that would take those sectors, according to the investigations.  


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