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One killed and 7 arrested for a multitude of extortions

Subjects were reported by several victims to Conas

One of the procedures was carried out in El Corozo, Miranda municipality (El Dividive), Trujillo state, where the military confronted members of the criminal gang founded by Darwin Antonio Rivas García (El Cagón), according to the report.

In that operation, Antonio José González Martínez, one of those in charge of collecting dollars from extortion victims, was killed, according to reports from the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) No. 23.

Also in Trujillo, but this time in Santa Isabel, Pablo Emilio Abreu was killed, who at the time of the procedure had a Smith & Wesson revolver, caliber .38, which was seized.

And in the Milagro Norte sector, Maracaibo (Zulia), the military detained two women and a man, classified as members of the criminal gang founded by Jeferson José Navas Jiménez (Jet Nava), dedicated to extortion.

Four cell phones were seized from the subjects and, when subjected to experts authorized by a court, they released the messages in which they intimidated their victims. The detainees are Lines María Cepeda, Isabella Inés Cárdenas Cepeda and Adrián Alberto Romero Martínez, according to a report.

In Guárico there was also a procedure carried out by Conas, specifically in the Banco Obrero sector of San Juan de Los Morros. There they detained Geovanny Alexis Gómez Corrales, who was denounced by victims from whom he demanded large sums in dollars in exchange for not attacking his physical integrity, according to Conas report No. 34.

In the Villa Antillana sector, Caroní municipality (Ciudad Guayana), Bolívar state, Conas officials captured José Federico Gómez and Abigail Claritssa Doodnauth Subero.

These people are being investigated for the crimes of extortion, criminal association and terrorism in the degree of co-authorship, according to files. They seized 2 cell phones and a white Toyota GXR Land Cruiser, license plate AI504JK.

Gómez and Doodnauth Subero had an arrest warrant issued on March 27 by the 1st Special Control Court with Special Jurisdiction in Cases Linked to Crimes Associated with Terrorism, headed by Angie Carolina Uribe, says the Conas report No. 62. , to which we had partial access.

The detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry.

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