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MP will request new arrest warrants in the Orlando Figuera case

The victim and witnesses in what is called "anticipatory evidence" identified four subjects

Arrest warrants will be requested against four people who would be involved in the crime against Orlando Figuera, an event that occurred in the Chacao municipality. This was announced by the Attorney General of the Republic Tarek William Saab in his X account.

He explained that those involved would be Yurber Rodríguez (the monkey), Elio Carrasquel (the carrasquelito), Ángel Sucre (the Chinese one) and Cleiber Hernández (the sinner), who were indicated by “the victim as witnesses to the event in the advance test carried out.” .

Likewise, a fifth subject known as the "malandrín", indicated by Figuera as the "author of the stab wound" but data is unknown due to the "non-appearance of the witnesses when called by the Public Ministry."

As will be remembered, 7 years ago, the 21-year-old young man, after leaving work, passed near a demonstration held by radical opponents who, according to witness accounts, presuming that it was a “Chavista” proceeded to stab him, spray him fuel and set it on fire.

In Spain one of those involved

Regarding the proceedings carried out by the Public Ministry, Saab said that on October 13, 2017 and May 20, 2019 respectively, an arrest warrant and Red Alert were issued against Enzo Franchini Oliveros for the crime of homicide and terrorism.

Later on July 10, 2019, Enzo Franchini was arrested in Spain.

However, on November 20, 2019, he was released even though Venezuela complied with the extradition procedure before the TSJ and diplomatic channels, the Prosecutor stressed.

Regarding the extradition process, it was initially agreed upon by the Royal Court of Spain, “but in response to an appeal filed by the Prosecutor's Office of said country, the aforementioned instance reformed its decision and denied the extradition with the excuse that "It was about a 'politically persecuted man' when really he is a murderer."

That is why the Public Ministry will request a copy of the ruling of the Royal Spanish Court that denies extradition.

Deputy Diosdado Cabello requested this Tuesday from the National Assembly “an investigation of the crime against Orlando Figuera” and demanded that the material and intellectual authors of the young man's murder, an event that occurred seven years ago, be punished.

In this way, the plenary session of parliament approved an agreement which contemplates that the Internal Policy commission must investigate such events in depth.

Deputy Diosdado Cabello, who made the proposal, highlighted that this event is one of the most painful events that occurred in the country and that at no time did the opposition speak out about it, going so far as to include the victim in the lists, to pretend that he had been murdered by the State.

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