Man killed his partner with a shot in the chest

A 21-year-old girl was killed by a shot in the chest by her partner, who was arrested by police officers, according to judicial sources.  

The victim is Karla Rivero (21), who was with her partner Daniel Bogaldi Maurera (30) in a house located in the El Perú neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar where there were also other people. 

In the middle of the family sharing, Karla and Daniel allegedly argued out of jealousy. The verbal fight escalated to the point that the subject drew a firearm and shot the girl in the chest, causing her death instantly. Then he fled.  

This event occurred on September 7, but the subject was arrested last Thursday in Paseo Meneses in the Bolivarian capital by officials of the regional police. The subject had an arrest warrant issued by the 3rd Control Court of Bolívar.  


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