Company manager prisoner and four employees for poisoning of 12 dogs

Detainees: Oscar Valera, Rainer Carmona, Leandro Álvarez Requena, Moises Ortega Sanchez and Gabriel Gil Blanco


Oscar Valera, manager of the Purolomo company, along with four employees, were arrested for the massive poisoning of dogs in San Juan de los Morros (Guárico), reported the attorney general, Tarek William Saab. The venom cruelly agonized the animals.

“They gave poisoned food to approximately 12 canines: then located in a grave; They will be charged with conspiracy, animal abuse, taking justice by their own hands and improper handling of substances, ”Saab said, alluding to Rainer Carmona, Leandro Álvarez, Moises Ortega Sánchez and Gabriel Gil Blanco who killed the canines.