GNB Zulia recovered 140 cattle in the Jesús Enrique Lossada municipality

After receiving a complaint of cattle rustling from two farms in the Jesús Enrique Losada municipality in Zulia state, officials from the Bolivarian National Guard of the Zone Command No. 11 and the Rural Commandos of the town recovered 140 cattle.

The G / B Erasmo Eduardo Ramos Iriza, commander of zone command No. 11, through his social networks @ made known the procedure carried out by the military troops.

General Iriza indicated that they will continue to “fight crime. Our premise is immutable, we will defend the country's productive sector against any threat ”.

After 48 hours of investigation, the military officials located the cattle and three people involved in the crime were detained in the Marimonda II sector of the José Ramón Yépez parish, of the Jesús Enrique Lossada municipality, in addition, two 12mm caliber shotguns were seized, with six ( 06) cartridges without firing. Military troops continue in the area.

The detainees would be linked to the organized crime group (Gedo) "Los Lanceros", being identified as: Adany José Freires Morales, (Undocumented), Víctor Manuel Rincón Páez CIV-22.140.264, José David Urdaneta, (Undocumented).

The GNB Zulia continues with the procedure because there are still cattle to recover.

For his part, Fegalago expressed through his social networks @fegalago that “on behalf of the Board of Directors he appreciates the efficient performance of the @zuliainvicta command, in charge of General @, for the prompt recovery of the # cattle stolen in the 40 km zone. Ranchers are committed to agri-food production and we need the accompaniment of the State in timely Security matters ”.

The procedure was reported to the Public Ministry.



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