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GNB rescued four hostages and killed a subject of the Tren del Llano

In another procedure, the five members of another cell of this band were identified.

One subject killed and four kidnapping victims rescued resulted in a procedure carried out by the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) in the Guatacaro sector, Aragua municipality (Aragua de Barcelona), Anzoátegui, according to military sources.

The victim is registered as Junior José Buscaré Santaella (El Junior), a member of the Tren del Llano criminal organization, which recently set up a cell in the Pedro Zaraza municipality, Guárico, from where he collects vaccines from agricultural producers in the Cuenca del Unare, portion of fertile land that covers part of Guárico and Anzoátegui.

Once the armed confrontation between the soldiers and criminals from the Tren del Llano ceased, they proceeded to rescue the four hostages, including José Argenis Zambrano and Willians José Mayorga, as well as two minors.

At the site, the soldiers collected a Tanfoglio pistol, 9 mm; a 20-gauge shotgun; a patriotic uniform, a hood and a machete.

In another procedure, the five members of another cell of the Tren del Llano captured three days ago in the Las Garcitas urbanization of Valle de la Pascua (Guárico) were identified. They are: Mairobys Nazareth González Monero (La Diabla), Edixon Jesús Meza Millares (Jesuit), José Tomás García Seijas (El Samsung) and Axel Daniel Flores Ramos (Danielito) and Cristóbal Flores.

These subjects were captured through a controlled delivery of money that they demanded from a victim. At the time of their arrest, a Chery Orinoco, license plate O8AA7NF and a Keeway Owen QJ-150C motorcycle, license plate AD1T97K, were seized. This cell of the Tren del Llano is known as the gang of El Edgar Mariano, who demanded from the victim the amount of five thousand US dollars, so as not to threaten his life or his family. 

The Tren del Llano organization, whose headquarters are in Altagracia de Orituco (Guárico), expanded to the east of the llanera entity with the purpose of opening a safe route for drug trafficking in coordination with Colombian drug cartels, according to the research.

Carlos Pirela, one of the leaders of that cell, was assassinated by his associates on May 24 on a rural road in Tucupido (Guárico).

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