GNB destroyed port and drug trafficking runway

In the Machiques de Perijá municipality there was the landing stage.

Members of Detachment 341 of the Bolivarian National Guard discovered a clandestine track in the Las Coplas sector, Julián Mellado (El Sombrero) municipality, Guárico, according to military sources. Upon being detected, the military proceeded to destroy it as well as the arrest of two individuals who were in the vicinity of the infrastructure, identified as José Luis Delgado and Jairo Francisco Sangronis Yelamo.

Two plastic containers with traces of JET-A1 gasoline-type fuel were detained from these people.

Port. Another GNB procedure was carried out in the Bartolomé de Las Casas parish, Machiques de Perijá municipality (Zul), where they located and destroyed 12.020 liters of JET-A1 fuel.

In that same Zulia municipality, they detected a makeshift port used to disembark drugs and fuel. They also located an excavator machine, Jumbo type, Hyundai brand, Robex 210LC-7 model, yellow color, used for the opening of roads and construction of unauthorized tracks and two Empire TX-200 motorcycles, without license plates.

The Public Ministry was informed of both military procedures.

Between January 1 and March 10, six clandestine tracks located mostly in Zulia have been destroyed, according to figures obtained from the National Anti-Drug Superintendence (SNA). These aerodromes were located through seven military operations in which they recovered two aircraft, immobilized one and disabled two.

Regarding drug seizures, the different security agencies have executed 646 procedures where they seized a total of 6.890,394 kilos of drugs, mostly in La Guaira, Apure, Falcón and Zulia.

Cocaine is the most seized narcotic substance with 5.394,137 kilos (78,28%) followed by marijuana (1.495,051 kilos). In those proceedings, 863 people were detained: 859 Venezuelans and 4 foreigners, according to the SNA.

Four GNPs carried stash

The security agencies identified the occupants of the Hilux truck where they were transporting 13 packs of cocaine (13 kilos 965 grams) seized three days ago in the Alcabala de Tazón, entrance to Caracas.

Among those involved are four officials of the Bolivarian National Police identified as Freddy José Calderón Cadamo, José Gregorio Castilla Viloria, Ardeni Joniel López Parra and Wilmary Del Valle Betancourt García, according to military sources.

The drugs were transported in a PNB patrol carried on a crane. In addition to the four uniformed men, two civilians were detained. They also seized a 9 mm submachine gun, model MP5, two 9 mm pistols and eighty cartridges of the same caliber, according to military sources.



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